Supagas is your local gas supplier for all your LP gas needs!

If you’re looking for LPG for your home that offers convenience and efficiency, go with Supagas’ residential 45kg LPG gas cylinders! Used for heating, hot water systems, and cooking; the 45kg LPG is delivered free of charge to most areas and the famous Supagas customer service… well, that comes standard! Supagas – it’s Supagas’ can-do attitude that they believe sets them apart from the rest.

Supagas is a born and bred Australian company and has been providing gas services since 1982. From initially selling and refilling forklift gas, Supagas now has an extensive range of gases, particularly LP gas for domestic households who are looking to get off the grid and choose something a little more self-sufficient and cost-effective. From domestic cooking to heating solutions, hot water, as well as your BBQ needs. Supagas can help!

Their gas supply range includes:

• Residential gas – LPG – 45kg, 210kg cylinders and bulk vessels
• SupaSwap – LPG 8.5kg BBQ cylinders
• Helium, Balloons and Accessories
• Hospitality gas
• Industrial gas
• Specialty gas
• Welding gas
• Medical gas

Supagas’ state-of-the-art facilities allow them to offer multiple gas types, gas products as well as run specialised laboratories to mix and test specialty gas. This helps them to better service their customer’s needs and requirements.

Today, Supagas has multiple distribution centres, branches and agencies growing nation-wide and are able to provide a fast and reliable service as well as free delivery to ensure quality service every time.
Supagas, with its strong focus on customer service, is able to deliver products to its customers at competitive and advantageous prices, so that whenever you need gas, Supagas is there.