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If you’re in the market for a spa, be confident in the knowledge that Sun Cool Pools and Spas takes the service side of their business as seriously as they do the sales side of their business.

Owner Howard feels that you should be able to buy a spa knowing that Sun Cool Pools and Spa will be there to support them with anything you might need after the spa is installed in your home.

Quality care and service are one of the Sun Cool teams most important customer service commitments. They know that not all spas are the same, and they make it their job to help you make the right decision before you put our hard-earned cash into this major investment.

Too often, you hear stories of spas arriving with an overwhelming list of instructions and nothing more. Sun Cool Pools and Spas are delivered by a trained professional, usually the business owner himself, and go out of their way to ensure a complete handover takes place, to ensure you are familiar with everything from the control system, chemical balance and filling requirements, and to make sure everything is in first class working order.

All Sun Cool spas pass a 30-point checklist at the factory – twice! – before being delivered, including power and water tests, and your Sun Cool representative will be available by phone for help and advice once they’ve left your home.

Sun Cool Pools and Spas strives for 100% customer satisfaction, 100% of the time – no lesser percentage is acceptable!

Talk to Howard and the team from Sun Cool Pools and Spas on site OS121 during the Fraser Coast Expo.