Ultramatic is a sleep health company with a national presence. We retail CPAP machines, masks, accessories, and electric adjustable sleep systems, everything to help our clients get a great night’s sleep anywhere and anytime.

Sleep is an essential biological function. It is important for vital purposes such as neural development, learning, memory, and emotional regulation. Excellent quality and quantity of sleep are therefore essential for good health and life.

It is estimated that about five percent of Australians have sleep apnoea, with around one in four men over the age of thirty affected. Unfortunately, it is often undiagnosed due to a lack of awareness and people often ignore the evidence that they snore.

Sleep disorders can have a negative impact upon our well-being including associations with heart disease, stroke, diabetes, cognitive dysfunction, and depression. We must take our sleep health seriously.

Ultramatic stock electric adjustable systems designed for home use, and we also offer a caravan range with slightly different sizing, ensuring our clients sleep health quality is as good as it is at home. Our travel CPAP machines and accessories including lithium powered charging options and 12V DC converters are perfect for use in off-grid situations.

At Ultramatic, we attend a range of trade events and are at the forefront of bringing about sleep health awareness and offering therapy options to customers in all corners of the country.

See us at the Fraser Coast Expo on site OS103.